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  • Product material: ABS plastic + Stainless steel
  • Product size: 18*14 cm
  • Product capacity: 100W
  • Plug specification: EU
  • Color: White

Pro wax heater is easy to use and more reliable. You can Easily melt your wax and use. When heating the hair removal wax cannot Add water.


Rapid heating the pot uses aluminum, which has a very fast heat conduction speed, and the wax can melt very quickly.[Good design the material is very good, very safe and easy to clean. Equipped with a translucent lid, you can check the wax situation at any time.(Good Efecto] has a good effect on hair removal, improves dry skin and smoothes fine lines.[All body available can be used anywhere in the body that needs hair removal, such as armpits, arms, face, calves, bikinis, etc.We are a Spanish company specializing in beauty, manicure and hairdressing, more related products can be found on our homepage.

How to Use:

First, place a proper amount of wax on the machine, connect the power supply and adjust the temperature to the highest level until the wax melts completely. This process takes about 10-15 minutes. Please note that the indicator light is automatic, it will turn on or off according to the temperature. Waita few minutes for the wax to cool at a proper temperature. Then use a spatula to submerge the wax and apply it in the area where you need towaxWait till the wax dries. This process lasts more than 30 seconds, depending on the dose.Tear dry wax to complete hair removal. You’ll get soft skin.


  • When heating hair removal wax can not add water.
  • Please do not test the temperature of the wax with your finger but use tools, heated wax can be extremely hot, and may cause burns!
  • Please make sure that the wax pot is DRY when you put the wax into it. Otherwise, it will get burned!

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2 reviews for PRO WAX HEATER

  1. Aliya rana

    MashaAllah bht achi machine ha. 😁😍 Happy to shop here. Will shop again soon InshAllah

  2. Naima khawer

    Good product. Fully checked. 😍
    Quailty 💞😋💯

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