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• traditional facial hair remover via threating
• effective hair removal, with none chemical drugs, wax or knife used, no irritation to your skin.
• Removes hair from the root
• Removes very fine hair
• Quick and straightforward to try to to
• Eyebrow Threading
• Facial Hair Threading
• Painless hair removal without skin irritation
• Model no: 277


Traditionally facial hairs were manually picked up by rubbing off two strings of silk, where there have been more chances of bacterial infection and acne thanks to unhygienic sweaty hands. Silk removing method mechanically helps to stay the facial skin clean, free from Acne, and break outs, and smoothens and tightens the skin in order that beautiful make-up are often comfortably applied during a speedy manner besides you are doing not need to be bothered with waxing and other depilation methods that are harmful, lengthy and expensive. it’ll help remove tiny warts also as prevent facial numbness, skin senile symptom and wrinkles. Threading Facial hair removal is that the best thanks to keep women’s face beautiful and sparkling within a brief time and price effective manner. Electric Threading silk Hair removal system by utilizing this method stimulates the skin and is in a position to securely remove the hairs in other body areas. For more safer from chemical using methods, there’s little burden on skin. the foremost beneficial function of this machine is that it helps tiny and short hairs to be completely removed, along side the basis of a hair. It are often used at any places where electricity are often supplied.

The unwanted facial hair!! i’m sure you don’t want! astray be it girls or guys, nobody wants. If you’re a woman , progress your eye brows and provides them a shocking look or if you’re a man , give your beard a neat and clean look.
Yes, No more roaming to salon to urge groomed face. We brings very simple and trouble free solution to the present problem. Brown’s amazing Electric Hair threading machine; an easy hair removal gadget. It’s Sterile, hygienic and mess free that removes hair from the basis that leads to a slower re-growth.


  1. Haseeba munir

    Wah yar… Kamal ka product ha. Good work, Allah ap k kam my brkt dy

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