• Long-lasting results
  • Good Smells
  • skin feeling smooth
  • No side effects


We take care of your body hair Situation.Because your hair is more attached to you than you are to it. Permanent hair removal cream is a cream that gets rid of your body hair. If only you could get rid of other things that fast, like student debt or jeans that don’t fit anymore…Let’s just focus on hair removal for now, though because when it’s over, it’s glee. This hair removal Cream also provides long-lasting results; honestly, they might last too long. Glee leaves skin feeling smooth – like a skating rink, or pebbles that have been in the ocean for a long time. Dermatologist tested (and dermatologists are great at tests). Comes with a body hair removal cream and one spatula. We got you covered.Just not in hair.

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